Trail Verbier St-Bernard – 3 - 4 juillet 2021 – Verbier Marathon 4000

Verbier Marathon 4000


44 km


3600m D+

Verbier Marathon 4000 – 45km – 4000m D+ becomes the main race!

For this year the additional 600m to Mt Rogneux is now fully part of the main race and the shorter route becomes the alternative. Both Marathons start in Liddes and the main race will continue up to the top of Mt Rogneux (3084m). The trail then goes down alongside some mountain lakes to reach the Brunet hut where the race continues towards Panossières, with its suspension bridge and its glaciers. At the end of the trail, you’ll still have to face the wall: the Lourtier-La Chaux ascent to be allowed to go down to Verbier and pass the finish line.

Verbier Marathon 44km – 3600m D+

After the first big ascent up to Mille Hut if you are too late for the cut off to go to Mt Rogneux, or simply if you choose to avoid it, you go directly to the Brunet hut, where you rejoin the main Verbier Marathon 4000. Then you go to the Avouillons pass to reach the bottom of the Grand Combin, its glacier and the Panossière hut. Crossing the suspension bridge will be the hottest spot of this section. By the end of the race you will still have to face “the wall”, the Lourtier – La Chaux uphill in order to be able to run down to Verbier.

  • Trail maps and cut off times

    VM classique

    Variante VM 4000:

  • Start

    Same start for the VM 4000 and its variant VM.

    Saturday 9th July 2022
    10 :00 (elite)
    10:15 (popular)

    It’s your responsibility to take the correct start.


  • Rules

  • Running Stones for UTMB World Series

    The Verbier Marathon 4000 is in the 50 km category and will influence your UTMB Index in the 50K category for more info on your index.

    Finishing the Verbier Marathon 4000 will bring you 2 running stones to take part to the lottery for the 2023 UTMB races.

    The shorter variant does not give access to the running stones.

  • Busses timetable

    Buses are organized to bring the runners to the start of the race.

    Verbier (Sa 08:15)  Le Châble (08:30)  Orsières (08:45)  Liddes (09:00)

    Verbier (Sa 08:45)  Le Châble (09:00)  Orsières (09:15)  Liddes (09:30)


  • Subscription conditions

    CHF 92.-

    Min 18 years old during the year of participation.
    Verbier Marathon (+VM4000) is limited to 1000 runners.

  • Numbers withdrawal and briefing

    On Friday 8th July in Le Châble (Espace St Marc) between 10:00 a.m and 21:00 p.m. with your identity card.
    Race briefing from 5:45 to 6:15 p.m. (interruption of numbers withdrawal for 30 minutes).
    Take then the opportunity to visit our Trail exhibition with several running brands who propose special discount on this occasion.

    On Saturday 9th July in Liddes:
    08:00 – 09:30

  • Mandatory equipment

    Basic Kit

    • Backpack destined to transport obligatory equipment throughout the race.
    • Mobile phone:
      the runner must be reachable at any time before, during and after the race: keep the phone on, airplane mode is prohibited.We recommend to download the LiveRun application.
    • Personal beaker 15 cl minimum (bottles or flasks with lids are not accepted).
    • Minimum 1.l water reserve.
    • 1 torche in good working order for both Verbier Marathons
      Recommendation: 200 lumens or more for the main torch.
    • Survival blanket of 1.40m x 2m minimum.
    • Whistler.
    • Self-adhesive elasticated bandage which can serve as a bandage or strapping (minimum 100 cm x 6 cm).
    • Food reserve. Recommendation: 800kcal (2 gels + 2 energizing bars each of 65g ).
    • Jacket with hood which will withstand bad weather in the mountains and made with a waterproof* and breathable** membrane (see description at the end of the chapter)
    • Cap or bandana
    • Additional warm second layer : a warm second layer top with long sleeves of a weight of a minimum of 180g (men’s size medium (M)) OR the combination of a warm long sleeved underwear (first or second layer) of a minimum weight of 110g (men’s size medium (M)) and a durable water repellant windproof jacket*.
    • Waterproof over-trousers
    • Identity card

    If you choose to take poles with you, you must carry them throughout the whole race. It’s however permitted to replace a broken pole on any aid station.

    Cold Kit: (you will be informed if needed)

    • Long-legged trousers or race leggings OR a combination of legging and socks which cover the legs completely
    • One pair of warm gloves
    • A long sleeved hotter sweater instead of the 180g sweater.


  • Dropped bag

    A bag for your personal items can be dropped at the start in Liddes. We will carry it to the post office in Verbier where you can pick it up at the end of your race.

  • Child daycare

    For the Verbier marathon runners who plan to reach Verbier before midnight, the Crèche des Moulins in Verbier, in collaboration with TVSB, will take care of your 3 month – 12 year old children.
    Leave your children to the care of professionals from 8:00 on Saturday morning in Verbier and pick them up after your run on Saturday evening before midnight.
    Booking is mandatory on your personal folder.

    Price: CHF 60.- (one child) / 45.- for an additional child
    For more information contact the Crèche des Moulins:
    0041 27 771 65 85

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