Trail Verbier St-Bernard – 3 - 4 juillet 2021 – Organisation


Race Steering Committee

Tiphaine Artur – Co Présidente
Marketing and promotion of the event, fund raising and sponsorship, public relations


Matthieu Girard – Co-Président
Trail condition and marking, medical team, safety and security, public relations


Magali Maret – Technical Director
Subscription, Timing, Results and Ranking


Olivier Brüggimann – Logistic and environment protection
Aid stations organisation, environment, TVSB forest, head of the La Fouly aid station


Laurène Flöss – Volunteers Director
Seeking and managing the volunteers, collaboration with the heads of the aid stations


Sylvie Nicollerat – Support of the steering committee


Organisation committee

Patrick Gabioud and Michael Bylehn- Director of the week before the race
Vanessa Descoeudres – Head of provisioning
Simon Wiget – Verbier tourism office Director
Gaëtan Tornay – Pays du St-Bernard tourism office Director

Heads of the aid stations

Thibault De Kerchove – Head of Verbier
Thibault Descoeudres – Head of Croix de Coeur
Micheline Terretaz  – Head of Sembrancher
Léon Lovey – Head of Champex
Jean Nicollerat – Head of Orny
Olivier Brüggimann – Head of La Fouly
Maëlle Frossard – Head of Col de Fenêtre
Jérémie Denis – Head of Col du Grand St-Bernard
Olivier Thétaz – Head of Bourg St-Pierre
Marina Yannakopoulos – Head of Liddes
Véronique Gerbex – Head of Cabane de Mille
Didier Reichenbach – Head of Cabane Brunet
Laurent Badoux – Head of Cabane Panossière
Thomas Delamorclaz – Head of Lourtier
Pierre-Yves Délèze – Head of La Chaux
Philippe May – Responsable Trail Découverte