Information sanitary adaptations

INFO AS OF 8th June 2021 

Helping the runners

Aware that not allowing your fans to feed and help you is a big problem for many of you, we changed our first decision.

Despite what we said, it will be allowed to feed a runner but only in the area which are only accessible on foot, and not in the villages and near a road.

We strongly ask not to park in the fields and everywhere, but only on official parking places. The race could be seriously compromised if it would stop to be welcomed by the local inhabitants.

Number withdrawal

You can now book the hour during which you want to withdraw your number on Friday in Le Châble. It’s on your personal folder. First arrived, first served!

Covid test

A center for rapid testing will be organized on Friday during the number withdrawal in Le Châble.

So the people who don’t have a COVID certification yet will have the opportunity to be tested without any appointment. It’s a painless nasal test and you will get the result by SMS within 15-30 minutes. The test will cost 30 CHF, payable on the venue.

Note that you can still come with a rapid or PCR test done in your personal pharmacy.

However, if you don’t live in the area, we ask you not to take an appointment in the local pharmacy which would be quickly overbooked.

For those who also need a PCR test, it will also be possible to do it there for 80 CHF

In order to know if you’ll come with a certificate or if you’ll need to be tested, it’s important to tell us your choice on this link.

INFO AS OF 4th June 2021

Coming in Switzerland
You will find all information about the conditions to respect here.

Number withdrawal
Just one place for every race: Friday 2nd July, Le Châble, hall St Marc between 10:00 and 21:00.

You’ll have to choose your hour to come by subscribing on your personal folder. (300 p/h max)

It’s asked to wear a mask and your friends will have to wait outside.

Covid Certificate

The Swiss law require that all the staff and all the runners must present a certification of one of these points:

  1. a) Being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in the 6 previous months.
  2. b) Having contracted the COVID-19 and having recovered, in the 6 previous months, starting after the 11th day after the infection.
  3. c) Being able to present a negative result to one of those tests

– PCR test realized in the last 72 hours before the beginning of the event.
– rapid test realized in the last 24 hours before the beginning of the event.

We are now trying to organize a test center during the number withdrawal on Friday where you could do a rapid test if you don’t have any certification. We will inform you if it’s confirmed and at what price.

It won’t be possible to take part of the race without a certification.

As the digital certificate won’t be accessible for everybody, we will accept any kind of official medical certificate. Please also take your ID with you.

Race Starts
The starts will be by groups of 200-250 runners. The mask is mandatory in the starting area. You will be allowed to take them off after 100m.

We ask the runners not to come on the venue more than 30 min before their start, to avoid mixing the groups.

For X-Traversée (73K), Verbier Marathon (43K/46K) and Liddes-Verbier (31K) your starting time will be decided according to your ITRA ranking. The highest ones starting first.

For X-Alpine (111K) you can choose your start, as usual.

Starting times:
X-Alpine : 01h00 et 04h00
X-Traversée : 7h30 / 8h00 / 8h30
Verbier Marathon : 10h30 /  11h00 / 11h30
Liddes-Verbier : 12h30 / 13h00 / 13h30

Discovery trail for the children is cancelled.

Cut off times
All cut off times of the X-Traversée and Verbier Marathon have been delayed by 30 min.

Every runner of the Liddes-Verbier must reach Verbier before Sunday morning 01:30

X-Alpine cut off times don’t change.

If you wish to join your starting point by bus, you have to book it on your personal folder.

Runners starting in La Fouly or Liddes who start at first must take the first bus, and so on till the third start. You will have to present your confirmation as a ticket and your bib number. We will inform you about your bus time as soon as the bibs will be attributed.

The bus timetable is online on the race pages.

Recovery room in Verbier
A room to take a rest after the race is on your disposal from Friday 01:00 pm to Sunday 02:00 pm. If you want to use it you will have to bring your own mattress and sleeping bag. As we can’t propose that this year for sanitary reasons.

Pacing and helping the runners
Public is not allowed on every aid station and on the departure and arrival zones.

We sadly must ask the public not to come in the villages of the race or in Brunet hut (road closed). Your friends can come to sheer you up along the route only outside these zones. Being careful to keep the distances and to avoid forming groups.

It’s no more possible to pace an X-Alpine runner.

Personal assistance is then not allowed on the whole races.

Additional mandatory equipment for all races
1 additional mask kept in a waterproof pocket (in case of DNF and for the arrival)

1 plate or 1 bowl to receive the food on the aid stations (in addition to the cup)

Aid Stations
On the aid stations we will ask you to:

-wash your hands when you arrive.

-let the volunteers serve you.

-leave the tables when you are served.

-smile and say thank you 😊

Despite all these constraints we are super happy to be able to organize those wonderful races and to see you back in Verbier soon.